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The JIPM TPM Web site Resources in English

JIPM TPM Award Resources

IF you really want to learn more about  the TPM awards issued by the JIPM, I would recommend that you visit the JIPM web site at  Also check out the brief history of the TPM Award  If you are specifically interested in the TPM awards and the process, take a look at the 45 page pdf:  Application Outline for 2024 TPM Awards.

There is a lot of good information buried within this site, but I find it to be a bit confusing,  so I have summarized the key information that you can find below.

The assessment for the TPM Excellent Awards outside JAPAN (everything you need to know to apply)

A table of Application Deadlines for the application process, and links to the various instructions and forms needed to apply. (web page)

Note: This page includes the link to the Application Outline for 2024 TPM Awards  (46 pages) This is a KEY (pdf) Document.  It contains everything you need to know about the award application process, the schedules, the pre-requisites, preparation, application forms, the fees,  and documentation that will be needed.

TPM Award information  

Main landing page for JIPM in English.  At the bottom of this page you can find news updates on changes, new pricing, and even a listing of 2020 TPM award winners and the 2022 winners (outside of Japan) (web page)

Note: If you wish to see all the award winners including inside Japan, you will have to visit the Japanese site  This site is in Japanese, but you can use your browser to translate for you.

A brief timeline and history of the TPM Awards Process (web page)

Direct landing page for TPM Award information. (web page)

Application Outline for 2024 TPM Awards (mentioned above)

This is a detailed (45 pages) describing the entire TPM award process, prerequisites, checklists,  deadlines, forms, etc. Be sure to check out the Assessment Checklists in section 6!  (pdf)

Application Form for 2024 TPM -- Apply by web - The Application page will be opened in early December

The initial application is done by web page.  Note that the application deadline is typically mid to late December before the year you wish to apply.  So you only have a few short weeks of time for your application. You may wish to check before December as it may be posted earlier.  

Understanding and preparing the Activity Report for TPM Assessment (JIPM)

This a short Power Point showing key information on the purpose of the Acitivity report and how to prepare one for the application to the award.

NDA Form

A Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement by you and JIPM for confidential information.(word doc)

Application Form for Follow-up (DOC:153KB) (Note- t

This is a pre-assessment form for someone that has already achieved the award, and wants to verify that they are ready for the next level. (Word Doc) 


TPM Tools and Books

Training Books and Resources from JIPM (web page)

Monodzukuri Test Learning Textbook Sample

This is a sample of the contents from the “Monodzukuri Test Learning Textbook”.  This book was created by JIPM to help teach, and test the understanding of the key concepts of TPM.  It covers all the TPM Pillars of activity and the key tools used within TPM. Note that this is just a sample and only shows about 5 pages from each main chapter in the book which contains a total of 294 pages.


Monodzukuri Test

This link says “text” but should say “test”.  It is a link to information about a special TPM Knowledge test based on the “Monodzukuri Test Learning Text book”.  Note this test/ assessment can be remotely administered by the JIPM for a fee.   You can actually use the text book and this service to help train and verify your progress within your organization. There is a sample test online with 4 questions. (web page)

Textbook >

The link to purchasing "Monodzukuri Test Learning Text book”.  The English version is about $52 USD or 5500 yen.  You can order from here.  (web page)

TPM Training Textbook

Information about the "Total Productive Maintenance Training Textbook ─Appendix Total Productive Maintenance for Process Industries" (© 2017).  This is the official JIPM textbook of the TPM Award covering the basics of activities, where to start, and how to keep going with implementation steps defined. The book contains a total of 515 pages. you can learn how to advance each of the 8 TPM pillars. The English version is about $200 USD. This pdf includes the order form. (pdf)

TPM Glossary

Information about a 263 page Glossary of terms for TPM and an order form. The English version is about $42 USD. (pdf)

Karakuri Kaizen PowerPoint video

TPM New Implementation Program in Fabrication and Assembly Industries

This document contains Information on a 600 page book on implementation steps for TPM in the fabrication and assembly industries. It includes the sixteen major losses which obstruct manufacturing and offers commentary and case studies on improvement programs for the seven major losses in individual improvement.  It covers the eight pillars of TPM in detail. This was updated in 2018.  Edited by Kunio Shirose and a JIPM committee. (pdf)

USA Consultants for TPM

Consultants for TPM

Although I am sure that there are many Lean Consultants who will be able to help you with TPM in the USA, there are a far fewer number of companies that can help you pursue the JIPM TPM Award.  According to the JIPM web site there are only a few consultants that they list as qualified for TPM Consulting.  Listed below are the 3 that are listed by JIPM, and can provide support in English.


JMA Consultants Inc. (Mainly in Asia, but they have USA support personnel in strategic locations)

SMMT Industry Forum Ltd (Support from the UK) One representative from SMMT served as a JIPM assessor with another Sr. assessor for our formal TPM Award assessment.

EFESO Consulting  Is headquartered in France, with an office in New York, New York.  They have reps located in the USA.   We worked with them on several aspects of TPM, and  they specialize in a system referred to as WCOM (World Class Operations Management), but they have a firm understanding of TPM per the JIPM.

Also The JIPM Web site in Japanese is a valuable resource

Although  the English JIPM web site has a lot of good information,  the really valuable information is on the JIPM Japanese site.  Since it is written in Japanese, you can turn on Google translate to automatically translate the site.  The translation is not perfect, but good enough to help you navigate some of the great information as posted by the JIPM.

Click this link for additional Resources outside of the JIPM.

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