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2- 2-2024  2023 TPM Award winners announced!
9-15-2023 The 2024 TPM Award Outline (guidelines) here!
                                   Application page for 2024 award is now closed!
                                     Deadline for 2025 Award application is December 22,2024
7-4-2023 The TPM Excellence Awards are significantly changing for 2024!
                             See JIPM site >> Revision of TPM Excellence Awards
                       See my quick summary >>  Summary of Revisions
                       See the new checklist >> "Self Checklist" to help assess if you are ready!
7-25-2022 New! The BSI/JIPM standard for TPM (PAS 1918:2022) is published! 
                      See my quick summary >>  Overview of PAS 1918:2022
To Apply for the Next TPM Award
Step 1 - Registration for the 2025 TPM Award is now Open (Click to Register) Once you register, you will recieve a confirmation email within a few days.  One must register 1st in order to apply for TPM Excellence Awards
Step 2 - Apply for the TPM award. Using your login and passord created by registration, you can begin the process of applying for one of the TPM Awards. Note you must complete your application before Dec 23, 2024.  

For more instructions from JIPM on how to apply for the TPM award see this link: 
=> Instructions on how to apply  for the TPM Award   
The 2023 application Outline(guide) is still posted- (INFORMATION ONLY)
                     Check here to See the old 2023 TPM Award guide

This Site

TPM is an acronym for Total Productive Maintenance as defined by JIPM

This site was developed to help promote my new book on Starting your TPM Journey.  TPM For Executives And Managers is written to help Managment understand the key to successful TPM deployment. The information on this site is provided at no charge to help those who want to learn more about the TPM Award process.

On this site, I am sharing some of the key information that should be helpful to anyone who is interested in learning about the JIPM TPM Award process.   If you are interested in the process or have started your journey and would like to chat, please contact me.  I would love to chat with you. 

I spent 16 years leading the effort of a USA company that embraced TPM, and in 2010 they received the Award for TPM Excellence Category A.  Here you can learn about TPM, and how the JIPM has created a structured and documented method of improving the effectiveness of your production.  TPM helps by tapping into the expertise that is already in your organization.  TPM helps you to understand the simple tools and concepts of industry that have been successful for many companies across the globe. 

This information will help you  to learn more about how it can work in the USA. 

The JIPM TPM Approach

TPM, as defined by the JIPM (Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance), stands for Total Productive Maintenance. If you have heard of the TPM awards, and want to learn more about how you can apply the powerful Manufacturing improvement tool of TPM in America, you are at the right place. 


Many American Manufacturing companies are applying the principles of Lean manufacturing which includes many of the same tools such as Total Quality Management and the Toyota Production systems, but for one reason or another, we typically see TPM as a single element of machine care. 


TPM as defined by the JIPM has become a holistic approach across all areas of a manufacturing plant, working to find and eliminate losses. Every department from order entry and Engineering, through Production Scheduling and logistics, has defined responsibility within TPM. The JIPM offers 3rd party Certification of your system through the TPM Awards process.

Why are you Here?

The JIPM TPM Awards

Would  you like to learn more about the JIPM TPM award process so you can move your factory into a strong future?  Do you need guidance and support on how to deploy TPM according to the JIPM? Are you thinking about applying for the TPM Award?  Do you have questions to ask someone who has been there?  If so, you have come to the right place.  Would you like some good consulting advice?

If you think that TPM is just a tool within Lean, you will soon learn that TPM is actually a holistic approach to manufacturing improvement that  drives out losses from all areas of your factory operation


This site is for anyone interested in Learning more about the JIPM TPM Award Process.  It should be valuable to managers of a plant or top executives of a corporation who want to consider a structured approach to manufacturing improvement. 


Are you tired of following blindly based on faith professed by the evangelists of lean?  Are you tired of seeing resources spend more time and money than they are saving from their efforts? If so, you will enjoy learning to deploy a wholistic methodology with specific checklists to use to measure your progress, and outside assessment to verify your success.  If you are struggling with how to focus your efforts on the right things; and measure the improvement, then you will enjoy the concise and clear methods of prioritizing, and measuring your progress.



This is a one-stop place to learn Key information about TPM as defined by the JIPM. I have posted articles, Book references, video presentations, and links to helpful sites, and literature. 


For Example, if you are applying for the JIPM award, you will need the Application Outline for the 2024 TPM Awards. Be sure to see the assessment checklist in section 6 and the New Self checklist created in 2023. . 


You will also find a guide on how to prepare the Activity report that you will need for your application. you can find links to both of these key documents and many others, on the Link to JIPM resources above. 

If you have questions about TPM or the JIPM TPM Awards Process; use our chatbot, or contact information to request assistance.  I will be glad to chat with you and provide advice, as I learn of your activities.



Have a question?

If you would like addtional information, please use the form to the right to request a discussion or email dialogue.  

I am currently in the process of assembling this site and sharing information, while writing a book on the topic, but I would be glad to speak to anyone interested in this award process and answer a few questions or share your experience for the book.

Thanks for submitting!

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