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Summary of Changes by JIPM in 2024 to TPM Award Process
July 2023

On July 4, 2023, JIPM has announced that the TPM awards criteria  and assessment process will be changed going forward in 2024.  

Key changes include:

  • The "Award for TPM Excellence Category A" and the "Award for TPM Excellence Category B" have been eliminated and will be combined into a single award called the "Award for TPM Excellence." The minimum requirement of six pillars will apply to all award categories.

  • If a facility does not have any "development" or "administrative functions," it can undergo the assessment(s) without considering the two pillars of "Early Management" and "Improvement of the administrative and indirect departments."

  • Originally it was required to move step by step through all levels to reach  the top TPM award of “TPM World Class Award". In the revision Some awards can be skipped on the way to the top level.

  • The expected objectives for the higher level awards are defined.

  • Facilities have always been allowed to repeat the same award multiple times.  The multiple assessments help to assure that TPM is sustained and improved continuously. This is now clarified by showing  3 higher levels  for some awards in the same category such as silver to gold to platinum.

  • Originally, all Assessments categories required two full day on site assessments.  In order to reduce cost and risk of travel and bad weather conditions,  JIPM may allow online assessment only for the 2nd stage if appropriate.

  • The latest revision has brought about a redefinition of the Early Management pillar. Now, the EM pillar consists of two distinct aspects: "Early Management (Equipment)" and "Early Management (Products)." This change was made to assess whether the Early Management of products is applicable to a manufacturing-only facility. 

  • A new "Self Checklist" has been developed to help an applicant to judge if they are ready to apply for the TPM Excellence Award.  This checklist will replace "Checklist C" in 2026. 

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