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On this site I am sharing some of the key information that should be helpful to anyone who is interested in learning about this award process.  If you are interested in the process or have started your journey and would like to chat, please contact me.  I would love to chat with you about  JIPM TPM Award Information Support Training consulting.


Here you can learn about TPM as defined by the JIPM.  It is a structured and documented method of improving the effectiveness of your production.  TPM helps by tapping into the expertise that is already in your organization.  TPM helps you to understand the powerful tools and concepts of industry that have been successful for many companies across the globe.


This information will help you  to learn more about how it can work in the USA, but can be applied in any location. I have also included a short overview of the New TPM Standard PAS1918:2022

Who we are

In 2005, I was asked to lead the USA initiative within an organization that was acquired by a Japanese Chemical company.  After visiting Japan and working with Japanese consultants, Engineers, translators, and our owners, and their consultants, we successfully applied for the JIPM Award for TPM Excellence Category A. After a rigorous two day on site assessment by 2 JIPM assessors, we achieved the award.   In 2011, our executive team traveled to Japan to receive the award.

I am Someone with hands on experience with Quality Enhancement and Scientific Management tools created by experts such as Deming all the way through the Toyota Production system to help anyone make holistic improvements in all aspects of your business.  After working with Japanese experts for over 15 years in deployment of a special holistic approach to Total Productive Management, I  can share a keen  understanding of the roadmap created by the JIPM for true business transformation using the guidelines for Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).

The Book

I am retired from the chemical processing industry and I am in the process of writing a book on the key information I learned about TPM as defined by the JIPM and deployed in America.   I would love to hear from others who have been along the same journey or are considering application for the Award.


Use the contact form to setup a call.  Look for the Book title in the future “The JIPM TPM Award – An American perspective of the Japanese Award”.   

 I am creating this web site as a spring board to begin my book writing process.  I plan to share key information with anyone willing to listen, and also learn from the interchange.  Although there have been over 3000 TPM facility awards issued in the last 50 years, only 92 were awarded to facilities in the USA.

Western products, practices and methods were long considered the best in the world.  However the world markets are rapidly changing.  The USA has become overconfident and arrogant.  As a result we tend to look at TPM as too slow and complicated.  After all, we build our parachutes on the way down in America, don't we?  Over time we have slowly lost our advantage in key areas of technology.  The Japanese now own the consumer electronics industry.  Changes in the automotive industry are well documented, and for the first time Western dominated industry such as computers and aviation are facing serious challenges by foreign competitors.


TPM is a complex. Long term process which must be understood by all workers and managers as an improvement methodology that will benefit everyone.  For TPM to succeed in any industry, both management and workers must work together to change our culture; to one of trust, and respect for each other.  Only the management members of a company can make this change happen.

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